At Prognostore we are all about making the complex lives of retailers much more simple and easier to manage. PrognoStore is a POS and inventory management software built by small business owners for small business.

 3 Quick Tips For Making A Good Sale On PrognoStore


At Prognostore we are all about making the complex lives of retailers much more simple and easier to manage. PrognoStore is a POS and inventory management software built by small business owners for small business.

It is a 3-in-1 Cloud-Based Solution combining Point-of-Sale, Inventory and Analytics developed to make running your business stress-free. It's simple to use and powerful enough to be all you need to run your store.

For example, here are just 3 easy, quick and awesome steps to processing a sale on PrognoStore;

1. Add products: Making a sale on Prognostore is as easy as 1,2,3. There are ways of adding products; the bulk upload process via template and then manually adding products. So here is the bulk upload process;

  • Download: To import products into PrognoStore you should have your products list to hand. Download the product import template.
  • Update: After downloading the product import template, update the downloaded template with your products and then save it.
  • Match the columns and save: Ensure that the product details you copy match the column headings. You can also add products with variants in your templates. After completing the template, import the file to complete the product upload and save it.

This next process of adding product can be filling in the necessary product details under inventory which include; Product name, description, unit measure, brand e.t.c. If your product has variants, click on the option "Yes", the box for "Attributes" comes up and you fill it in; the size, color e.t.c. You get to decide which method you intend to use for your sales so the choice is yours. We have a quick video guide on how to do just that.

2. Add customer: Having your customer’s data is a very important aspect of a business as this shows that you value your customers which makes such customers come back for more. It helps with customer engagement and customer loyalty. It also gives you an edge over your competitors. The steps to adding a new customer to your contact include;

  • You would need to log into your account as noted above.
  • On the home page click “Contact”
  • Then click “Customer”

  • Click “Add new customer”

  • Enter the Customer’s details (Name and Company)

  • Click “Save Customer”



All this is done to help make sales look presentable and to keep your customer’s loyalty. This helps with customer receipts as well. You can also add a new customer to a sale. Whether it’s an existing or new customer. For existing/old customers, all you need to do is search for the customer and add it to the sale. For the new customer, just add the customer details to the sale and it automatically adds to your customer list. Here is a short video guide on how to create a new customer at the point of sale;




3. Make the sale: This is why you are in business, to sell, sell and keep selling! Creating an order from the Sales tab is the same thing as 'making a sale'

In the Create Order section, you will be able to create a new order from a default Group of products list already uploaded and also those that are scanned.

  • Scan all items to be sold or
  • Search for the item from the product list or
  • You can also use the quick keys from the product groups
  • Click Pay button
  • A pop-up window will appear that allows you select the appropriate payment method
  • Enter the amount tendered by customer if different from total price of goods purchased
  • You may need to give some change to the customer
  • Click Pay button

There are other functionalities like Void, Park, Layaway, Discount, Free, and Notes that facilitates the completion of a sales transaction. Click here to get more information on it.

Emailing receipts is the final aspect of the selling process on PrognoStore. After the payment has been made, the shop assistant/salesperson has the option to either email receipts or print receipts which makes your business a reliable and efficient one.

Here is a short video guide to put you through making the final sale;


Follow these steps and be sure to get heartwarming compliments from your customers.

I hope this article has been very helpful to you. Do not hesitate to send in your questions if any or leave a comment or suggestion.

Remember we passionately believe running a retail business shouldn’t be that hard. That’s why we are committed to ensuring that Prognostore is the best point of sale system for retailers in Nigeria; we are bringing the fun back to retail, a POS system so easy.

Simply sign up today by logging on to to enjoy 2 weeks free trial, I am certain a trial will convince you.



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