Inventory management is essential for business of all sizes. Getting it right is essential to the health your business as it enhances financial growth and increase in profits by reducing theft and stock outs

4 Reasons Why PrognoStore is the Best Inventory Management Software for Your Retail Business


PrognoStore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria

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Inventory management is essential for businesses of all sizes. Getting it right is important for the health your business as it enhances financial growth and profitability by reducing theft and stock outs, while getting it wrong can result in financial implications or even complete failure of that business, your customers may reduce their patronage knowing you always run out of stock. PrognoStore is arguably the best inventory management software for a retail business in Nigeria. Don’t take our word for it but hear our customers tell you how PrognoStore has helped their businesses.

PrognoStore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria

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Inventory management simply put, is having the right inventory at the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. You can find out more about inventory management here. So how do you get the best inventory management software for your business?

You would want to know how to decide on when to reorder inventory. You are looking for a solution that can automatically track your inventory movements as much as possible, just to be rest assured that you’ve got the right inventory data so that your business isn’t running out of stock or holding too much stock.

You need a software that would allow exporting of your product list. That is, the software should allow you to export data from your inventory management software to any other software that you report from. e.g, your accounting system

You want a software that has access restriction. Lastly, as a business owner who probably has employees or a sales person(s), you would want a software that allows a particular amount of employees to have access to your inventory management data or at least delegate certain inventory areas or items to specific employees.

Luckily for you, PrognoStore has all these features and more. PrognoStore is the best inventory management software for your retail business.

Here are just 4 amongst the many reasons why PrognoStore is the best inventory management software for your business;


  • Bulk upload of product: PrognoStore allows you to import as many products as you can possibly have. You don’t want to spend too much time manually entering all your products. PrognoStore has been designed to take the stress out of this process.


  • Barcode creation: Prognostore helps to create barcodes for your products. Barcodes are automatically generated whether you manually add new products or even if you use the import template. Barcode labels can then be printed off by viewing the product details. Having the barcodes on the products ensures you are able to track them.


  • Products with variants: PrognoStore allows you to add products with variants either manually or via the bulk upload process mentioned above. You may want to add a product that has different attributes say, sizes and colour, PrognoStore allows you to do this.


  • Product report: Prognostore is the best inventory management software for your business as it helps to update you on how your product is doing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This makes your business easy and stress-free since because you would be able to easily know how well and how poor a particular is doing so that you can either replace or buy more products as the case may be. Yes, you can know your best sellers from PrognoStore Analytics.


By automating the inventory management process as much as possible, you’ll be able to reduce the likelihood of human error. You may need to take the leap of faith and invest in an inventory management software, so that you can focus on what’s really important, which is, growing your business. The best place to start is a free trial of our inventory management software

PrognoStore is Point-of-Sale software for small business which helps you sell your goods/services, track your inventory and gain insight on how to run your business. It’s all you need to run your small business. Simply go to to enjoy our services, plus our 2 weeks free trial period!

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