As a retailer or a small business owner, it is important to have a point of sale software for your store/business; not just any kind of Point of Sale software but one that is simple to use, flexible, affordable and business data is secure.

7 Reasons Why Retailers Love Prognostore


PrognoStore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria


As a retailer or a small business owner, it is important to have a point of sale software for your store/business; not just any kind of Point of Sale software but one that is simple to use, flexible, affordable and business data is secure. This is why retailers love PrognoStore; the best point of sale software for retailers in Nigeria.

PrognoStore is a 3 in 1 cloud based solution that consists of Point of Sale, Inventory and Analytics; all that you need to run your store successfully. It has been specially designed and equipped for small retail store owners to ensure that their businesses runs effectively and efficiently.

What retailers expect in a point of sale software

  1. Retailers expect a simple to use software, no complications, just fun and productive.
  2. Business owners and retail store owners want a swift sales process, where selling is really made easy.
  3. Retailers want an affordable point of sale and inventory management system.

Now, PrognoStore offers these and even more.

Why Retailers Love PrognoStore

PrognoStore is essentially designed as the best point of sale software for retailers in Nigeria. It offers everything outlined above and many more.

  1. Selling is made for growth: PrognoStore has made selling plain and exciting for your store as you can now add the names of your customer to sales, the payment prompt shows how much is due the customers who make cash purchases, you can email and/or print receipts to your customers, you can access your dashboard daily which gives you a snapshot of your store’s sales activities, and also it automatically comes with email notification (this is called the PrognoStore Power Report) which lets you know what you sold, how much you made and your highest selling item. All these will ensure your selling is made for business growth.
  2. Simple and easy to use: PrognoStore provides a simple and easy tool for small business to sell in their store, manage inventory and get insights on how your business is performing daily, weekly, monthly and annually.
  3. It provides accurate information of your business status: PrognoStore has the necessary information when you need it; it has the Analytics feature which does this. You get notifications when you are running out of stock of a particular item. This helps you to place an order before completely running out of stock.
  4. PrognoStore can be used offline: Retailers love the fact that PrognoStore can be used without internet connection as it is cloud based. So if you are trying to make an important sale and you lose your internet connection, it still works! Eventually you don’t experience any loss of business data as your data gets synced to the cloud once you get your internet connection back.
  5. Affordability: PrognoStore is affordable for your business and has different pricing plans depending on which plan is suitable and sufficient enough for your store.
  6. Customer care service/Support: Every business owner or customer wants a system that can always tend to their needs or questions. We are available 24/7. You can check our help center which has loads of useful articles and answers to your FAQ’s.
  7. Free Trial: PrognoStore has a free option!! If you're looking to test PrognoStore using one of the large account types, it comes with a promo code PB60FREE. You can use this promo code to experience it firsthand.

PrognoStore is the right retail tool. It does what it says; it affords the business owner the opportunity to actually run their business with ease. So wouldn’t you rather get started with us?? You can sign up today by simply logging on to and enter our promocode PBFREE60 to get 60 days free!


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