You are a retailer and you know having an inventory management system that works is one of the most important keys to the success of your business. If you’re looking for an inventory management run down, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Inventory Management System For Retailers In Nigeria


You are a retailer and you know  having an inventory management system that works is one of the most important keys to the success of your business. If you’re looking for an inventory management run down, you’ve come to the right place as we would be showing you what an inventory management system should consist of and then ultimately the best inventory system for retailers in Nigeria.

Just in case you aren’t really sure about this whole “inventory thing”, we have a post just for you, to help you with all you need to know about Inventory Management.

You may find yourself asking questions like, “What’s so special about having an Inventory management tool?” Well here are a few reasons;

  1. It leaves no room for human errors and incorrect data entry
  2. Inventory is updated on a real-time basis
  3. Data isn’t at risk of loss or corruption because documents aren’t stored locally - it is stored in the cloud!
  4. It’s easy to analyse your sales results and inventory levels
  5. Inventory management is scalable and this would help keep up with the growth of your business
  6. Spreadsheets can always be imported seamlessly into existing Point of Sale software.

I’m sure with these few points you have been sold! So the next question is how do you get a good inventory management software?

Luckily for you, that’s the reason we are in existence! We have developed PrognoStore for small business owners just like you. PrognoStore was designed to take the pain out of running your business.  PrognoStore is the ideal software for retailers. It combines selling with inventory management and even analytics. Business owners also get access to reports that provide accurate information for better decision making.

Here are a few reasons why PrognoStore is the best inventory management software for retailers in Nigeria and why you need to sign up:

1. Keeping track of Inventory: Tracking your inventory as a retailer is one of the major concerns of running your retail business. This won’t be an issue for you if you have the right inventory management tool. However, most retailers in Nigeria have not invested in an inventory management system. PrognoStore ensures you know all the products you have in stock. Once you sell a product, it is automatically removed from your stock leaving only what you have remaining. PrognoStore also lets you know when your stock will need replenishing as the system sends automatic notifications on stocks running low.

2. Bulk upload of products: This is a major aspect of having your products recorded into PrognoStore. Simply put, you need to have products added to PrognoStore so you can sell. Bulk upload ensures you are able to add as many products as possible in one go. For example, you are able to add 1000 different products with different attributes in a single upload using the upload template. So how do you do this? You would have to download the Prognostore product import template, update the downloaded template with your products and then save it down. This helps for a more organized and easier business to run.



3. Barcode creation: Barcodes are still a very efficient tool in managing products for sale. Most retailers in Nigeria have certainly not benefited from the power of product barcodes and as such, they still suffer theft and loss. PrognoStore is designed to simplify inventory management and running your retail store - it does the heavy lifting. As part of the enhanced inventory management built in, Prognostore will automatically create barcodes when you add new products either manually or through bulk upload process mentioned above. You can then print off the labels for each product. Selling becomes easier with barcode scanning. This will allow you to efficiently manage your inventory. An efficient inventory management includes undertaking stock takes as it ensures regular inventory record corrections. Here is how to print barcode labels in PrognoStore;


4. Security and Backups: It is important that you have a secure inventory management system, that’s why we use SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protocols which are based on the most sophisticated encryption technology that has become industry standard in securing communications over the Internet. We use 128-bit SSL encryption (comparable to most banks and financial institutions) to ensure that your sensitive data is never compromised. Our priority is always to ensure your retail data is safe and secure.

A good system like PrognoStore allows for real-time data. This means when you sell or add products even from multiple outlets your data is synced automatically and you can access this data anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Having come this far, you would have seen the need to sign up for the best inventory management system for retailers in Nigeria. Why not sign up now and begin your successful retail journey with us. Feel free to leave comments or questions if you have any.


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Amaka Oguike
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Chike Henry
15 days ago
Hello Amaka, My name is Chike I live in the US, I find your article very interesting. We are exploring how we can participate in the Nigerian Mini Super market /Pharmacy market. As far as this software is concerned it can be used for any type of inventory for examples medications? also I can see that its cloud based and therefore may requires a web hosting? correct. Finally how much does it cost, is it a one time purchase or by subscription?
Creative Joe
7 days ago
I think you should give StockFare a shot, as they also provide you with sales analysis and help you manage your sales. You can find them here
4 days ago
I am an Accounting Consultant. I am interested in your inventory management software for my clients who are into supermarket business. How can I have access to this software when I recommend to my clients? Details of it like cost, and the platform to set it up incase my client signifying intention should relate with me. Sogbesan Rotimi ACIB Managing Consultant Tolronik Consultancy Service, Nigeria
Ruth Olomu
2 days ago
Please I am interested in the software for my small retail business. How much does it cost?. Is it a one off payment or a monthly subscription payment . Thanks and eagerly awaiting your reply.
15 days ago
check and click their point of sale demo
Emma Uni
25 days ago
Thank you for this piece, my partner and I would be starting our first retail outlet, and we weren't too sure about the retail software to use. We initially pondered on whether to use a US software like Lightspeed, but seeing this, I am elated. I would try this out in the demo, and if this is good, I will definitely come back to give a review.