Imagine starting your week with a lot of products to record and you have to input it manually into a file, or having a lot of products but no means of tracking it?


How To Have a Stress-free Day in Your Business Using Prognostore


Prognostore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria


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Imagine starting your week with a lot of products to record and you have to input it manually into a file, or having a lot of products but no means of tracking it? How about having so many customers waiting in line because of absence of a point of sale system to help make your sales to them easier and faster? Or ending your day or week without having an idea how well your products or goods are doing and if a product needs to be restocked for the next day and week??

Isn’t this tiresome? Well if I was in such a situation being a business owner I would be highly frustrated.

Luckily for you,  all these issues can go away. How? With PrognoStore of course!  Want to know more? Then make sure not to move an inch and keep reading!

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PrognoStore is a 3 in 1 cloud based solution that consists of Point of Sale, Inventory and Analytics; all that you need to run your store successfully. It has been specially designed and equipped for small retail store owners to ensure that their businesses runs effectively and efficiently.

If you are a small business owner, whether you own a fashion store, a make up business or store, a supermarket or even a bakery, you name it, this article is the right one for you. The following few points are the reasons why you can have a smooth and easy day in your business using PrognoStore;


  • Selling is straightforward and easy: PrognoStore has made selling plain and exciting for your store as you can now add the names of your customer to sales, the payment prompt shows how much is due the customers who make cash purchases, you can email and/or print receipts to your customers, you can access your dashboard daily which gives you a snapshot of your store’s sales activities, and also it can email notification (this is called the PrognoStore Power Report) which lets you know what you sold, how much you made and your highest selling item.


  • Tax can be included and excluded:  You can add taxes to sales as either inclusive or exclusive of the sales price, by going to Edit Business in Settings. You can even apply tax to sales even if a group tax was assigned to an outlet of your business.


  • Record all inventory in one go:  You can enter all your stock by using an efficient upload process. This means you know all the products you have in stock which is a great deal for your business.


  • PrognoStore is affordable: PrognoStore is affordable for your business and has different pricing plans depending on which plan is suitable and sufficient enough for your store.


  • PrognoStore can be used offline: Don’t you just love a software that can also be used offline? PrognoStore can be used without internet connection as it is cloud based. So if you are trying to make an important sale and you lose your internet connection, it still works! Eventually you don’t experience any loss of business data as your data gets synced to the cloud once you get your internet connection back.


  • Prognostore helps in monitoring your stock: Because having a ton of products in your store can make it difficult for you to track them, it is important for you to have an inventory system like Prognostore because this would make the job easier for you to be aware of the goods available and those that have low buyers or sellers. Your employees essentially know you have a record of your products and this will reduce the occurrence of thefts in your store



PrognoStore has been tailored to meet the needs of business owners as we believe that a business or startup shouldn’t be that strenuous and complicated. You should make the right decision by investing in the best point of sale software for your business. What more, you can try it for free.

Once you are in the process of signing up with Prognostore you get 2 weeks free trial period. So what are you still waiting for?! Sign up with us on to enjoy our services, plus our exciting new updates to help make your business easier to run!


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