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July 20th, 2017 — Posted by Prince Humphrey

The latest improvements cover applying discounts to individual products in sale and fixing taxes to ensure it is applied on the discounted amount

1. Applying discount to individual products for sale 

You can now apply separate discounts to individual products when selling. This allows you to set different discount rates for different products. You can also switch between discount rate and amount. So how do you do this?

1. Select or scan all products for sale and hit the discount button


2. Enter discount rate or amount. Discount can either be a percentage (%) or as absolute amount. 10% is the discount rate used here so you enter 10



3. Total discount shows the combined discount due on the sale



2. Discounts applied to pre-tax prices 

We have fixed how discounts and taxes are applied to prices. Discounts are now applied to pre-tax prices and taxes are then calculated on the discounted prices.


3. Quick Keys

We have fixed a known issue with quick keys on the sales screen whereby they are not removed when products have been deleted. When products are now deleted from product list the corresponding quick keys are removed from the sales screen.

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