We have revamped PrognoStore Analytics to make it more intuitive and easy to use. You now have access to you business information powered by PrognoStore Analytics. This essentially gives you the power to run your business on the go.

Release Notes: Improvements to Analytics 1.0

At PrognoStore, our aim is to ensure you have access to the best business tools to make running your store easier.

So we have completely revamped PrognoStore Analytics, to make it more granular, intuitive and easier to use.  Analytics now provides even greater insights into your sales activities - so you know exactly what's happening in your store.

Here’s what new in PrognoStore Analytics:

Filter by Date

We have made it really easy to filter the dates required. The date filter gives you a simple dropdown option to enable an easy selection by week, month or year. You can even use the Custom Range option to select the dates to access.



Sales Charts

With the new charts you can now see your sales activities at a glance. All you need do is to use the filter by date to select the period required. Examples include the Sales Report where you can quickly view your Total Sales over time as a trend and Products Reports that shows your Top selling products.


Sales List

All reports include a list of all sales with dates, amount and count of sale. This provides you a comprehensive list of sales made to enable you all sales activities.


These updates will ensure you will now be able to quickly answer some critical questions at a glance, such as:

  • How much have I sold in a given day, week, month or even year?
  • Which product am I selling the most?
  • Which store is selling the most?
  • Which customer is buying the most?

Do you want to know more about PrognoStore Analytics and how it can be used to turbo charge your business? Contact the Support Team at

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