The latest improvements to inventory cover effective tax amount on barcode label, product image added to product information on sales page, filter button for search in inventory list.

Release Notes: Improvements to inventory 2.0


Effective tax amount on barcode labels

Tax amount for individual products can now be added to product prices on barcode labels. If you want the product price on the barcode label to include tax amount,

1. In your inventory list, click the product for which you want to print the barcode label

2. Click the ‘Print Label’ option

3. Check the box for ‘Include tax’

4. The tax amount is then added to the product price. In this case, N500 has been added to N2,500


Update existing products in stock using the import template

You can now update your existing products in inventory by using an import template. This makes stock control more efficient. How do you this?

1. Download existing products in your inventory by using the export button

2. Update the products in the downloaded file and re-import into your inventory

This feature will automatically detect and update the products that have 'new' details and the products that required no updates will be ignored during the import process.


Product search in inventory list using the filter button

We have fixed the 'Filter' button in the inventory list. You can now search for specific products in inventory by using the filter button.

1. Enter the product name in the 'Name' bar

2. Click 'Filter' to search and view the product


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