We have had a few interesting weeks at PrognoStore. A number of features have now been added to Sales, to make it more retail and customer friendly.

Release Notes: Improvements To Sales

We have just made selling a lot more easier and exciting for your store. Over the past few weeks we have worked on a number of PrognoStore features as part of our goal to keep making the system more retail and customer friendly. So what's new?


Adding Customers To Sale

You can now add the names of your customers to sales. How does this work?

  1. Saved and returning customers: These are customers you have previously saved their details in your customer list. All you have to do is search for the customer to add it to the sale.
  2. New customers: For new customers, click the ADD button to add the new customer details. The new customer is added automatically to your customer list as well. 

 PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria


The customer's name appears on the sales screen so you know who you are serving.

PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria


Cash Change

The Payment prompt now shows you how much change is due the customers who make cash purchases. The Payment prompt intuitively shows you how much change is due once you enter the amount tendered. 

PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria 


Email Receipts

As a retail business owner, you now have the option to send receipts to your customers by email. This is in addition to printing receipts for your customers. How does it work?

  1. A customer buys a product say, a ‘Makeup Bag’ and makes payment
  2. The shop assistant now has the option to email receipt, print receipt and/or do both. 

PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria

For saved customers that are added to sales, the Email Receipt prompt automatically adds the email addresses. You will need to manually enter the email addresses of customers not added to sales.



You can now access the dashboard. The dashboard gives a snapshot of your store's sales activities. It means you can view the dashboard and know how well you are selling as the Sales Summary provides Number of Sales and Sales Revenue per day as well as the day to day movements on both. A Cumulative Sales Revenue for the month and the month on month movement are also shown on the dashboard.

PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria

PrognoStore best point of sale in Nigeria


Email Notification

We have created an email notification called PrognoStore Power Report. This report tells you the health of your business by providing 3 critical information, what you sold, how much you made and your highest selling item. You can set the email notification to daily or weekly to suit your preference. 

PrognoStore best point of sale software

 Easy to digest on mobile.


Do you want to know more about PrognoStore Analytics and how it can be used to turbo charge your business? Contact the Support Team at

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