As part of our ongoing improvements to PrognoStore, customer name can now be shown on the customer receipts, you can now add customers to sale either before or after you have started selling, and we have also added pagination to sales history

Release Notes: Improvements to sales 3.0


Show customer names on printed receipts 

We have updated receipts to show customer name. You can update this in Settings

1. Go to  Regions and Outlets in Settings


2. Click 'Edit Receipt' to edit 


 3. Click on the icon under the Customer Name Label to show customer names on receipt


You need to add customers to sale to ensure their names show on their receipts.  


Adding customers to sale

You can now add a customer to sale either before or after you have started selling. This was tweak was necessary to give you flexibility over your selling process. How does this work?

Either before or after you have started selling

1. Search for the customer using the search or

2. Add the new customer

We have an article in our Help Center on how to add customer to sale.

 PrognoStore best point of sale software in Nigeria


Sales history pagination

Pagination has been added to the sales history page. 




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