Having a social media account is free. You don’t need to buy a form or pay anyone to open one (I have actually seen someone ask how much it would take to open a Facebook or Twitter account, No Jokes!).

5 reasons why you need a social media strategy

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Having a social media account is free. You don’t need to buy a form or pay anyone to open one (I have actually seen someone ask how much it would take to open a Facebook or Twitter account, No Jokes!). As a business, creating a social media account for your brand is very important. In the world today, everything is revolving and social media has become a very great part of that. So every business big or small needs to be up to date and be aware of the new trends.

Business goes beyond having the best tools to run your business. Of course, it's actually important to invest in the best tools to make running your business as easy as possible. Yes, a retail business should by all means get the best point of sale system in Nigeria and even the best available inventory management software in Nigeria but such business should not neglect social media.

Why then do you need a social media account?

  1. Social Media can help your potential clients or customers find you and vice versa: Through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (ensure you are signed up to all of them) your buyers can locate you either through the search button or similar hashtags. You would be able to network with them and vice versa. It helps for more brand awareness.
  2. You get to know what your competitors are up to: Obviously your competitors are on social media. It is therefore important that you keep up with your competitors so that you can make strategic decisions to stay on top of what is happening in your industry. Be active as well so you can gain more followers and potential customers and on the minimum you get good leads.
  3. You get noticed at events and even build relationships: I have come to realize that people tend to know you via your Instagram handle or twitter handle or LinkedIn account and so on, so as a business when you have a social media account and you go for a charity event or even when you sponsor a show or event, social media helps to leverage your presence. You get to meet a number of potential clients and can even build long term relationships with them.
  4. It helps your business respond to issues on the go: Because social media is mostly mobile; most users use their mobile devices, it becomes pretty easy to respond to clients’ complaints and the likes, I am very sure everyone loves a quick response or feedback on issues or questions they have regarding your brand.
  5. Social media helps increase sales and traffic to your site: You may be surprised at how having social media platforms for your business and not just owning, being very active on it would help generate and increase sales for your business. The more you keep your clients glued to your platforms the better for your business. Keep them informed of various discounts and promos you might have going on, new products and probably promo or coupon codes. This in return would ensure increased traffic to your site.

You have seen why you need that Facebook or Twitter account. This article can show you different options of social media marketing that you would need for your business. You need to get on social media platforms now if you are just starting a new business or if you have a business and you still don’t have one.  I would love to know what you think in the comments section below.

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