We are pretty sure by now that most of you know what PrognoStore is all about; but if you are new on our blog site then a little introduction is necessary.

The Simple 101 Guide to Using PrognoStore

PrognoStore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria


We are pretty sure by now that most of you know what PrognoStore is all about; but if you are new on our blog site then a little introduction is necessary.

PrognoStore is a 3-in-1 cloud based solution combining Point-of-sale, Inventory and Analytics. It’s all you need in a simple to use software that’s powerful enough to run your store. If you are a small business owner, whether it’s a retail store you run, then PrognoStore was built specifically for you.

PrognoStore will help you sell, keep close track of your stock and know what’s happening in your store from wherever you are in the world.


PrognoStore is the best point of sale system in Nigeria

Now that you know a little about what we do and what we are, this article is a guide on how to use Prognostore. It’s very easy to use and can be used anywhere and anytime. Below are the several benefits of using PrognoStore for your business in the most simplified way;


  • Set up your business: Getting started with PrognoStore is very easy. You begin with setting up your store once you have signed up with our software; add business details, products, invite users, click “Finish” and there you have it! Within a couple clicks, your store is set up and you’re ready to sell!.


  • Add products:  Adding products into Prognostore is as easy as 1,2,3. How do you do that?
  1. Download: To import products into our software you should have your products list at hand. Download the product import template.
  2. Update: After downloading the product import template, update the downloaded template with your products and then save it.
  3. Match the columns and save: Ensure that the product details you copy match the column headings. You can also add products with variants in your templates. After completing the template , import the file to complete the product upload and save it.


  • Add Customers: Having your customer’s data is a very important aspect of a business as this shows that you value your customers which makes such customers come back for more. It helps with customer engagement and customer loyalty. It also gives you an edge over your competitors. With PrognoStore you can add a customer by logging into your account, click on “Contact” on the home page and fill in the customer’s details and save. This helps with customer receipts as well.


  • Set up taxes: On PrognoStore, you can add sales taxes to your products, For example if your sales tax is at 10% or 20% rate, once it has been set up, it automatically reflects in the sales page during a transaction which makes it clearer and easier.


  • Add customers to sale:  You can always add your customer at the point of sale. Whether it’s an existing or new customer. For existing/old customers, all you need to do is search for the customer and add it to the sale. For the new customer, just add the customer details to the sale and it automatically adds to your customer list.


  • Sell and Email Receipts: This is the main reasons for all the set ups that have been done, to sell, sell and keep selling! After logging in, on the create order section, you select all the items to be sold or you can search for the items. Click on the “Pay” button, select the payment method, either cash, POS or whatever payment method inputted, enter the amount offered by the customer and if different from the total amount of goods purchased, you may need to give some change to the customer. After the payment has been made, the shop assistant/salesperson has the option to either email receipts or print receipts  which makes your business a reliable and efficient one.


Now that you have gotten this far, wouldn’t you rather get started with PrognoStore? It’s all you need to run your small business. Simply go to and as a reward you can have 2 weeks completely free of charge!  

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