We have been really busy in the past few weeks improving PrognoStore and we are excited to inform you of what's new in PrognoStore!

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Phone Number Now Shows On Receipts

We have enhanced receipts to now include the phone number of your store/retail business. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you if necessary. You can add your phone number to receipts by going to Settings > Edit Business

1. Click 'Edit Business' Button

Edit Business1

 2. Update Business Details (Including Phone Number)

Edit Business2


Uploading Your Company Logo:

Previously users get a 'no change detected' message when uploading a company logo, with the logo ultimately failing to upload - we have now fixed this issue. You can upload your company logo by going to Settings > Edit Business

1. Click 'Edit Business' Button

Edit Business1


2. Browse Logo To Upload

Add logo 1


3. Logo Added After Saving Your Edits

Add logo 2


Configuring Barcode On Receipt

We have also fixed the issue with Barcode which previously showed on sales receipt even when configured not to show. With this fix, Barcodes will no longer show if you have configured it not to show on receipts. To configure your receipt, go to Settings > Regions and Outlets > Receipt Templates

1. Click Receipt Image To Edit Receipt

Edit receipt


2. Click 'Edit Receipt' 

Edit receipt2


3. Select 'Yes' To Add Barcode To Receipt

Edit receipt3



We continue to enhance PrognoStore with new features, improvement, and fixes to those annoying bugs, so you have the best in class retail tool to run your store. Remember, running a store shouldn't be hard!


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