Technology and the world in general, is constantly evolving. Over the last couple of years, there have been several changes in the shopping experiences of customers and this has helped to advance the retail industry as a whole.

Why You Need Digital Receipts in Your Retail Business


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Technology and the world in general, is constantly evolving. Over the last couple of years, there have been several changes in the shopping experiences of customers and this has helped to advance the retail industry as a whole.

You must have heard of what digital receipts are as a retailer but if you haven’t, below is a brief definition;

Digital receipts are also known as electronic receipts. It is basically the electronic receipt or e-receipt of any product or service purchased by a customer. Increasingly, they form an increasing crucial aspect of providing a seamless customer experience and eventually creates a powerful retail marketing strategy.

At the most basic level, the means by which digital receipts fundamentally work at the point of sale;

  1. At the time of checkout, the salesperson inquires as to whether the customer might want a printed receipt, an advanced receipt or both.
  2. In the event that the customer picks an electronic receipt, at that point, the salesperson enters the customer's email address and the framework conveys the receipt to the customer's email inbox.
  3. Information from the exchange (counting the customer's email address) is caught in the computerized receipt system, and the majority of that information can be utilized for present and future marketing promotion.


Is there a difference between Printed and Digital Receipts?

Printed and digital receipts are not sworn enemies but rather, they supplement one another. In specific cases, printed receipts are either favored or vital, while in different cases, digital receipts are significantly more compelling.

Sending your customer an electronic receipt indicates that they don't need to stroll around with paper dropping out of their wallets, satchels, pockets shopping packs, or wherever else they may have stuffed your receipt. It implies the receipt is a ton harder to lose. Furthermore, it implies that the receipt is as of now found where all your client's different bills are: on the web. This distinction between the printed/paper receipts and the digital receipts shows that the latter (digital receipt) alone is as of now, far superior to the former (Printed/paper receipt).


Benefits of a Digital Receipt

1. Customer loyalty: The information obtained from the digital receipt system, helps the retailers get to know clients and their individual needs with more noteworthy accuracy, and that prompts enhanced consumer loyalty, reliability, and referrals.

2. Cost effective: Emailing receipts to your customers helps to reduce the amount of money spent on printing paper receipts. Unlike paper or printed receipts, e-receipts are used to reduce paper usage. Eventually, you get to save more money in your business which is a   for you as a retailer!

3. It helps to build your social media presence: E-receipts can be used as an avenue to build your following on social media if you do it the right way. Including your website is not enough when emailing receipts to your customers, make sure to include the links to your social media pages with the goal that your clients can tail you.

4. It is safe for both the retailer and the customer: Customers prefer digital receipts because, dissimilar to paper receipts, they can't be lost, won't blur and are advantageous to store. Retailers like that advanced receipts accelerate the checkout procedure and that clients can't fake or change them, diminishing the expense of potential deceitful returns.

5. It allows an easy way for a retailer to build a subscriber list: When offering a digital receipt to your customer, it is only natural for you to ask for their email address in the stream of the discussion, and, all the more critically, gives a reasonable and quick profit for the customers' information share. Moreover, in light of the fact that a receipt is something your customer needs, as well as requirements, your customer is much more prone to share a substantial, dynamic email address with you. (Instead of one they set up particularly for garbage mail). This way you are able to build an email list of your customers which in turn helps you to send new offers, discount, sales or promos to their inbox

6. It helps to track purchases your customer makes: It enables a simple path for you to track the buys a client makes in-store. Without e-receipts, it's far simpler for a client to shop namelessly, notwithstanding when you have executed a loyalty program.


You have come to the end of this article, reading through I am sure you can see why you need a digital receipt in your retail business. So what are you waiting for?? You can sign up with Prognostore. With Prognostore you can simply email receipts to your customers, print the receipts or both. The choice is yours!


Prognostore was designed for growth and that’s why it is easily the best POS and Inventory Management System in Nigeria. Ensure you leave a comment or questions if you have any in the section below.

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